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Pediatric Dentistry

We are here for you and for all your loved ones! To care for your children’s teeth from the very first beginning will result in the best situation possible for them.

Taking care of the teeth is a habit which you easiest learn growing up. If you let your children meet the dentist regularly, together you will learn the importance of a good oral health and how to keep it up. They will get used to dental visits and be reminded of how to take care of their teeth.

With regular check-up we are able to detect insufficient oral care in time and can thereby stop this in an earlier stage with less treatment.

A benefit for you and definitely for your children is to book appointments together. Children learn by seeing. If you express a comfortable and relaxed role at the dentist they will be less afraid to go through the same. Can we give them a calm and pleasant check-up visit from an early state, it will be easier for them to be treated further when necessary.

We recommend you book a first appointment for your children approximately six months after the first milk tooth is shown.

Together as a team, parent and dentist, we can succeed to gain your children’s trust in the dental chair.

Do not forget that it is equally important to take care of the milk teeth as the adult teeth. Brush morning and evening together with your children. Let them use a small toothbrush with children’s toothpaste and do not rinse with water afterwards.

They should try brush themselves, but you always finish helping them.

By having it as a routine together the motivation comes automatically, they follow your lead. Remember 2 times a day in 2 minutes.

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