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Oral surgery

Oral surgery refers to various treatments that involve repairing and performing corrections to the teeth, gums and maxillary bones through a surgical intervention.

  • The extraction of a single-rooted teeth (with one root) or pluriradicular teeth (with multiple tooth roots) affected by deep cavities that are impossible to save
  • Removal by root extraction of a root residue (a residue from a tooth that has suffered dental trauma, dental fracture and can no longer be prosthetically rehabilitated)
  • Dental extraction of a included wisdom tooth (tooth that didn’t erupt from the gum), semi-included (partially erupted from the gum) or completely erupted
  • Removal of the root tip (Apical root ectomy)
  • If dental tissue is diseased, causing inflammation of the bone at the root tip, this part of the tooth might need to be removed.
  • Therefore, a minor surgical procedure is indicated following the completion of a previous root canal treatment.
  • This treatment option aims to eliminate the inflammation without losing the tooth by extracting the inflamed tissue and sealing the root canal to keep away bacteria.
  • Insertion of one or more dental implants
  • Bone addition or bone graft, for the cases in which the patient present large bone loss; it sustains the insertion of a dental implant and offers stability for the new tooth on the dental arch
  • Sinus lifting (lifting of the sinuses – for the superior dental arch)
  • Removal of the periodontal cysts
  • Subgingival curettage in open and closed field
  • Debridement and elimination of residual pockets
  • MCAT (Modified coronally advanced tunnel) to correct gingival recession after orthodontic treatments or from different other causes with CTG harvesting from Palat or from the Tuberosity
  • Regenerative surgery procedures using EMD or Hyaluronic Acids with or without bone substitutes for bone regeneration around teeth and Implants
  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingivoplasty

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