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Endodontic treatment

The endodontic treatment (also known as “root canal treatment” or “nerve removal treatment”) is one of the most common dental medical procedures, which treats the “inside of the tooth” (pulp, canal and the pulp chamber).

When this pulp chamber is damaged, root canal treatment or therapy is needed to eliminate infection and protect the tooth against future infections.

The endodontic treatment, which involves a root canal obturation procedure, is considered a conservative dental treatment because it aims to treat a dental infection or a deep cavity while keeping as much of the integrity of the natural tooth.

  • Recurrence of pain in a tooth treated in the past
  • Sensitivity at high and low temperatures
  • Sensitivity when: biting or chewing or applying pressure on the tooth
  • Pain (spontaneous, pulsatile, dull) which extends or not to the neighbouring areas of the maxilla.
  • Tooth discoloration or black teeth
  • The appearance of a swelling near the tooth
  • Swollen lymph nodes around the neck and head

Usually, the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort or pain during the treatment canal procedure because the doctor uses a local anaesthetic to ensure the patient’s comfort.

However, we want to ensure our patients have the best oral care without any pain. So, we have adopted modern techniques and technology to help the root canal treatment to be comfortable. Moreover, in most cases, our team of experts strives to complete the procedure within one or two visits at our clinic!

 However, depending on the biological material, there are cases when patients experience a certain local sensitivity post-intervention, which can be controlled with medication recommended by the coordinating doctor.

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