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Dental Prophylaxie

Is the first and the most important stage of tooth care!

Maintaining a healthy long-term smile starts with us from the daily dental hygiene made correctly at home, to the preventive visits scheduled every 6 months for dental prophylaxis and periodic specialized consultation.

Types of dental prevention measures:

Involves the periodic dental control, the professional brushing and the scaling – performed twice a year.

The daily dental brushing is extremely important, but even if it is done correctly and regularly, it is not 100% effective in removing the tartar deposits that accumulate on the teeth. Therefore, it is also necessary to do a deep cleaning and professional removal of the tartar by choosing a professional prophylaxis session!

Good oral hygiene is important both aesthetically and for general health. An inappropriate dental hygiene can lead to complex medical problems such as gum disease, infections, loss of maxillary bone, heart disease, vascular accidents, strokes, etc.

Involves the regular dental brushing, dental floss and use of mouth water, as well as healthy nutrition. The correct daily oral hygiene from home has the role of removing the bacterial plaque and maintaining the teeth and gums health.

Also, in addition to using a manual or electric toothbrush, interdental brush (in case of braces carriers or those with dental bridge prosthetics), dental floss and mouthwash, the dentists recommend the patients to use the oral irrigator.

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