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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry was born out of the people’s desire to have a more beautiful smile in the long run. Patients who chose cosmetic dentistry treatments have improved their self-esteem and, after the treatment, they were considered to be more attractive by those around them.

We are able to create the most natural-looking dental crowns and veneers, with the highest degree of purity and retaining the structure and strength of the natural tooth. All of this because we know that our patients don’t want a standard procedure, but a complete treatment solution at once aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatments are:

Dental Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured ceramic laminates (fabricated by dental technicians) which are bonded permanently onto the facial area of the teeth. In most cases only a very thin layer of the visible tooth structure has to be prepared. In comparison to a crown restoration almost all tooth hard tissue will be spared.

Dental Veneers allow covering big interdental spaces, correct misalignments or length differences. Even in cases, where bleaching is not sufficient to correct tooth discolouration, it is possible to reach a beautiful light tooth colour by using veneers.

Lumineers are very thin laminates which can be used in cases of minor misalignments, mild aesthetic corrections and moderate tooth discolouration. They can be as thin as contact lenses and are translucent. Therefore, they can improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth that look already moderately appealing. Due to this fact in some cases no preparation of the natural tooth is necessary to bond the lumineers permanently. Digital workflow and cad-cam based fabrication allow a prompt replacement in case of a fracture of a single lumineer. Yet in cases where interior teeth demonstrate multiple fillings, white gaps, trauma or severe discolouration lab-fabricated ceramic veneers are indicated.

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