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Bleaching (Dental whitening)

Bleaching whitens your teeth gently and in a short amount of time by using active oxygen. The teeth will be bleached until your personal shade of colour shade and brightness is achieved.

Bleaching is a sufficient way to treat tooth staining and tooth colouration quickly and effectively.

Scientific studies have shown that there is no indication of permanent damage to dental tissue or tooth structure by bleaching.

Alternatively, you can take over the treatment yourself by using tooth splints made especially for you. Therefore, laboratory fabricated, and individualised fitted plastic splints will be made to the teeth completely. You will be closely advised by our dental team how to bleach your teeth correctly step by step at home.

Power Bleaching whitens even most persistent tooth staining in a gentle way within one session by our dental team. The whitening of your teeth takes about 60 to 90 minutes. During this time, you can listen to music and relax.

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